British Esports Championships

S4 League of Legends

Weeks 1-5

Group format For the first 5 weeks of the tournament, we will be running a group format. In groups, everyone plays all other teams in their group once. Each match will be a best of 1.

Teams tied on number of wins at the end of groups will be ordered by head-to-head results.

Weeks 6-9

Playoffs After the group stage finishes, the top 2 teams from each group will progress to Playoffs. Playoffs will be single-elimination.

  • 4th March - Elimination Begins (Top 16)
  • 11th March - Quarter Finals
  • 18th March - Semi Finals
  • 23rd March - Finals


We have partnered with StreamRecap to gain automatic highlights of all the great plays from your games! For those who would like your highlights captured, make sure to enable the "Allow Spectators: All" setting in the game lobby.

Setting up lobbies

  • Click ‘Play’
  • “Create custom”
  • Summoner’s Rift
  • Game type: tournament draft
  • Allow spectators: all
  • Team size: 5
  • Give it a memorable name e.g. Sunderland vs Carmel
  • Choose a password
  • Share the name and password of the custom lobby with your opponents and you’re good to go!