British Esports Championships

The British Esports Championships is an exciting new competitive video gaming competition for students aged 12+ in schools and colleges across the UK.


Tournament Platform

The British Esports Championships is open to all secondary schools, Further Education (FE) colleges and Alternative Provision (AP) schools in the UK and is PC-based. Each institution can enter multiple teams for three different games: League of Legends (5v5), Overwatch (6v6) and Rocket League (3v3).

This is your tournament platform for the British Esports Championships, here you will find all of the details of your upcoming matches, enter your results and track your progress throughout the tournament.

Remember, after you've played your games, it's really important for both team leaders to return to the tournament platform and enter your scores, this will then update the fixtures ready for the next matches. If you do not agree with the scores entered by the opposing team, you can create a conflict in the results which will be reviewed by an admin. It's important to capture end of game screenshots of scoreboards to help review any conflicts.