Creating A Team

Creating a Team and adding tournament credits

Once you have created your new password and logged in:

Go to your chosen tournament, e.g. Tournaments > League of Legends,  and select My Teams where you should see the number of teams you have registered.

Changes to payments:

For Champs we have now included Stripe integration (for payment with card) and also a tournament credit system. Invoices and BACS payments are still possible.

Tournament credits:

  • You can now purchase credits (up to 10 at one time) anytime during each season which account for a team entry into a tournament, e.g. 1 credit = 1 team entered. 
  • The credits do not expire and can be used for any tournament in the Champs. 
  • Credits can only be used on tournaments with registrations open, otherwise they stay on your account until next use.
  • You must have purchased the entry fee for the year (£25) in order to purchase credits. You must purchase at least 1 credit when purchasing the entry fee.
  • You can choose to purchase all credits at once, or top up as you go. 

Payment process:

  • Head to the tournament you wish to enter and click “signup”. 
  • If you have no credits currently, you will be redirected to the payment page to add credits and the entry fee. You can also reach this page via “my account”.
  • Select the entry fee and your number of credits for teams, e.g. how many teams you are looking to enter in general (2 OW teams & 1 RL team).
  • Confirm and head to the payment page. You can pay via card using Stripe, or request an invoice to be sent. BACS details are provided on this page. For any payment the reference number must be quoted. 
  • Choose your preferred payment method and proceed. 
  • Once you have paid via card or requested an invoice, you can proceed to the tournament page and add your teams.

Adding teams:

  • Head to the tournament page.
  • Select “sign up”.
  • Add in team details (you can edit this later).
  • Confirm - this will use up 1 out of your remaining credits.
  • Head to “sign up” again if you wish to add additional teams to that tournament.

Editing teams:

  1. Select the team you wish to edit
  2. Follow the link to “update your team’s name, tag, country and players”
  3. Update your team name, tag (short name for your team), flag and list all of the players on the roster for that game. You can also edit or add a team logo here.
  4. Press Save and check your team’s status, complete all entries in these for all teams to be marked as “confirmed”.

Any issues reach out to us on the Discord server and/or