AoC Sport FIFA Cup (XBOX)

The AoC Sport FIFA 22 Cup will be for AoC Sport member colleges and associated members to participate in a national competition in tournaments on both Xbox and PlayStation. The participating colleges will compete nationally every week from January.

College students will play as teams of 1 per tournament (Xbox/PS4), each playing a 12-minute (six minutes per half) 1v1 match in the Kick Off game mode against the opposing team in classic match. Each college can have a max of 2 teams of 1 per tournament.

Registrations close end of play Wednesday 19th January 2022.

Read the AoC Sport FIFA 22 Cup Handbook here.

Team Size

1 (max of 2 teams per Xbox/PS tournament)

Game Mode

Kick off - 1v1

Match Set-up

Online Friendlies > Classic Match

Match Date/Time

Tuesday 3pm - 4pm

Tournament Format

Group stage > playoffs 


Group stage: w/c 24th Jan - w/c 28 Feb

Playoffs: w/c 7th March - w/c 21st March

Grand Finals: 18th June @ Confetti Institute in Nottingham

Scoring system

3 points for a win 

1 point for a loss

If a draw, then extra time must be used until the first goal is scored. If still a draw, then penalties must be used as well. 

Participant requirements

Must be an AoC Sport member college or associated member




  • Half Length: 6 minutes
  • Controls: Any
  • Game Speed: Normal
  • Squad Type: 90 Overall

No mirrored teams to be used in a fixture

Match process:

  1. Players will have to add each other as Friends on PSN/XBOX in advance of the match.
  2. Home team sets up the lobby in online friendlies (or players can mutually agree / use a coin flip).
  3. Player sets up Kick Off mode Classic Match lobby in Online Friendlies and invites their opponent.
  4. The match is played.
  5. At the end of the match, players must take a screenshot of the final score on their phone or other device.
  6. Each player must submit screenshots and scores to their staff team leader once all matches are played for the whole fixture. The staff team leader will submit all scores on the tournament site.