Overwatch Spring Division 2 Match 2730

United Kingdom The Dukes Defenders 1

Nickname Role
United Kingdom Dukes Secondary School Leader
United Kingdom LOUDchampion Player
United Kingdom M3ntalGoldz Player
United Kingdom Kacwuhh Player
United Kingdom Warriorprime Player
United Kingdom CreshSernic Player
United Kingdom slipQuick Player
United Kingdom hospeth Player
Best of 5
0 - 3
Blizzard World
0 - 3
0 - 3
Blizzard World
0 - 0
Blizzard World
0 - 0

This match isn't being streamed.

Wales Llandrillo Dragons - Drakes

Nickname Role
United Kingdom Coleg Llandrillo Leader
Wales Leon Player
Wales B Player
Wales Mitch Player
Wales Lee Player
Wales Adam Player
Wales Tom Player
Wales James Player
Wales Finn Player
Filename Size Player
No files have been uploaded for this match.