Code of Conduct

We expect all players who use our platform to follow the behaviours and requests set out in British Esports Code of Conduct.  If any player behaves in a way which contradicts any of the points set out, we will address the situation, involving parents when needed, to resolve the issue appropriately.

Continued issues and repeated breaches of this code may result in us, regrettably, revoking membership and blocking access to the platform to protect the welfare of other players and our staff.

Players, and, where appropriate, their Staff Leaders, must agree to:

Play by the rules of the platform, the games and the competitions or events

Be a good sport whether I win or lose

Treat others how I like to be treated myself

Be kind and fair and recognise that everyone has different levels of skill and ability

Know that people online are real people and my words can affect them

Set a positive example with my own behaviour

Support and encourage my teammates and others

Speak out against those that bully, hurt, harass or abuse others

Stop, listen, and reconsider if I’m told that my words or actions are harmful

Respect others, even if their views are different from mine

Report any incidents of bullying, misbehaviour, cheating or concerns I have about the behaviour of anyone else during events or competitions

In-game I should not display disrespectful actions that could harm others as well as exploit in-game bug features

Not collude nor coerce with other teams to force an specific outcome

In addition, the British Esports expects players to:

  • Compete to the best of their ability at all times, without intentionally playing below their skill level (sandbagging), and act in accordance with the rules for the event or competition, including any direction given by the administrator or anyone acting on its behalf
  • Not use language in relation to the event or competition that is deemed by the administrator to be obscene, rude, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, or otherwise offensive or objectionable
  • Understand they are representing their school/college at all times through their behaviour and language whilst playing or in any chat facility, texting, apps or social media in connection with the game or event
  • Not cheat. Cheating is defined as any act that gives one gamer an unfair competitive advantage over another
  • Continue to respect and treat others fairly in out of game communications, no matter win or lose.


British Esports Student Champs considers the three areas of risk in online safety, as outlined by the code of conduct and Department for Education.

Content: All esports titles in the British Esports Championships are age-appropriate for school and college students. Rocket League is PEGI 3+; Overwatch and League of Legends are PEGI 12+, and VALORANT is PEGI 16+.

Contact: each fixture in the British Esports Student Champs will be played via a closed community platform. Only students registered by their school/ college will be able to access the platform. Each fixture in the British Esports Student Champs will be played on school/college premises and supervised by an adult member of staff (school/college ‘Leader’). Professional Tournament Admins will be monitoring all online interactions and fixtures. Players registered should not have someone else play for them without Admins aware and procedures taken to ensure fairness. Continuously, players banned should not play on a ‘smurf’ or alternate account.

Conduct: every school/college will submit the names of each player representing their institution as well as their in-game name (full names of players will not be shared by British Esports Student Champs without permission). Therefore, in the event of misconduct during the British Esports Student Champs, that player can be held responsible and penalties will be imposed. Admins, and every school/college Leader are responsible for ensuring all rules are followed and standards of fair play are maintained throughout. 

Players who are banned on their accounts outside of the tournament are not eligible to play within the tournament due to evidence they have been disrespectful and so do not resemble what we are trying to promote.

In the case of a tie result into separate divisions, teams OMWP (Overall Match Win Percentage) will be used to decide, teams should respect the decision made.

If you have queries or concerns about safeguarding, contact our DSL at .


School/college Leaders can request to have data erased. More information on data protection can be found in the T&Cs on the tournament website.

Full, up-to-date rulesets are available on the tournament system.