Tournament Rules


Champs Tournaments (Specific Rules)

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This section of the tournament website is dedicated to the generic rules of all tournaments, if you are looking for the game specific rulesets please click the hyperlinks above.



1.1. School Eligibility

1.1.1. To be eligible to enter a team into the British Esports Student Champs, a school must be registered with the Department for Education or Education Scotland. You must be accredited to deliver RQF Level 2 and/or Level 3 (SCQF Level 5 and/or Level 6) qualifications.

1.1.2. A school must be able to provide a unique reference number (URN) if requested.


1.2. College Eligibility

1.2.1. To be eligible to enter a team into the British Esports Student Champs, a college must be registered with the Department for Education or Colleges Scotland. You must be accredited to deliver RQF Level 2 and/or Level 3 (SCQF Level 5 and/or Level 6) qualifications.

1.2.2. A college must be able to provide a unique reference number (URN) if requested.


1.3. Player Eligibility

1.3.1. Players in a team must be students of the same college or school in the UK.

1.3.2. Players must be registered full-time, or part-time students of the college or school that their team is registered under. Part-time students must be studying a minimum of 4 hours a week at their college. If you are uncertain about eligibility due to your academic hours or course type, please contact your college. Staff members from the college are ultimately responsible for this decision. Students studying an online course provided by their school/college would be eligible. All players must follow the remote play guidelines in 1.3.4. Students studying higher education at a college are eligible. Students who are on apprenticeships are eligible only if affiliated with a college. Staff members from the college are ultimately responsible for this decision.

1.3.3. Players must only be participants of a maximum of one game title per season in the Champs year. In exceptional circumstances, players can move into another game title, or another team, in the season if they have given up their place in their original game title. Players (including subs) can only play in one title, for one team, per week. Players cannot move outside of their Division within the title.

1.3.4. Playing from a supervised classroom is still our primary default position, however we are allowing students to participate from home if participating from the classroom is not possible. We still require all students to be organised and supervised by a staff member, even if remotely. If any member of your team is playing remotely, you must notify an admin of the reasoning in advance. Matches must still be organised and played within the 4-6pm window.


1.4. Substitutions

1.4.1. Change ​of ​Leader A ​Leader ​may ​step ​down ​at ​any ​point ​during ​the ​season. In order ​to ​do ​this, they ​must ​appoint ​a ​new ​Leader ​using ​the team ​page ​on If ​the ​majority ​of ​a ​team ​wishes ​to ​replace ​current ​Leader, admins must ​be ​contacted.


1.4.2. Emergency ​Substitutions After ​a ​team’s ​roster ​is ​locked ​they ​may ​request ​one emergency ​substitution ​to ​be ​added ​to ​their ​roster. The request must be submitted either as a support ticket via the website or to admins on Discord. Emergency ​substitutions ​must ​be ​requested ​at ​least ​one hour before ​start ​time ​of ​match ​they ​wish ​to ​play ​in. An ​emergency ​sub ​must ​not ​increase ​a ​team ​over ​the ​size ​limit for that game. ​However, ​Leaders ​may ​remove ​a player ​to ​reduce ​their ​team ​size ​before ​requesting ​a substitution.


1.5. The ​Spirit ​of ​Substitutions

Teams ​may ​replace ​any ​number ​of ​players ​between ​weeks ​of tournament. ​However ​teams ​are ​expected ​to ​select ​teams ​with ​the intent ​of ​trying ​to ​create ​competitive ​and ​enjoyable ​games ​for themselves ​and ​their ​opposition. ​If ​we ​believe ​teams ​are ​being selected ​for ​unsporting ​reasons ​for ​example ​swapping ​players ​between ​two ​teams ​to ​manipulate ​seeding, ​penalties ​will ​be placed ​upon ​participating ​players ​and ​teams. ​If ​unsure ​about ​this ​rule please ​contact ​tournament ​admins ​before ​making ​substitutions.

1.5.1. If eliminated in a Division, any player on the eliminated team roster cannot then switch to another team in another division within that title.


Match Rules

2.1. Pauses ​and ​Rematches

2.1.1. If ​a ​player ​fails ​to ​connect ​to ​game, ​the ​game ​must ​be ​paused immediately. ​If ​this ​player ​fails ​to ​connect, ​the ​game ​may ​be ​restarted. The ​new ​game ​must ​follow ​rules ​for ​a ​rematch ​found ​in ​section ​

2.1.2. Teams ​may ​use ​the ​pause ​command ​as ​follows: It ​is ​forbidden ​to ​use ​the ​pause ​without ​an ​obvious ​reason ​like a ​player ​disconnect. In ​the ​case ​a ​player ​disconnects ​or ​is ​having ​connectivity issues, ​it ​is ​allowed ​to ​use ​the ​pause. In ​the ​case ​of ​hardware ​or ​software ​issues ​it ​is ​allowed ​to ​use the ​pause In ​the ​event ​of ​a ​pause, ​the ​other ​team ​must ​be ​informed immediately ​why ​the ​pause ​has ​occurred ​and ​must ​be informed ​of ​any ​progress ​towards ​fixing ​the ​issue ​causing the pause. Before ​resuming ​games ​both ​teams ​must ​state ​they ​are ready ​to ​continue. Teams ​may ​only ​pause ​the ​game ​for ​up ​to ​15 ​minutes. ​If ​after 15 ​minutes ​technical ​issues ​can ​not ​be ​solved ​the ​game ​must not be resumed. ​If ​the ​game ​cannot ​be ​resumed ​then ​admins ​must be ​contacted ​and ​an ​automatic ​win ​will ​be ​awarded ​to the opposing ​team.

2.1.3. At the admin’s approval, teams ​may ​agree ​to ​a ​rematch. A ​rematch ​must ​be ​played ​with ​the ​same ​settings i.e. same maps, heroes.


2.2. No ​Show

2.2.1. Teams ​must ​arrive ​promptly ​to ​all ​games and be ready to play at the start time. Matches are set by default to start at 4pm unless rescheduled. All matches, including rescheduled, should be played or have started within the 4-6pm window. If this is not possible, raise a support request.

2.2.2. If ​a ​team ​hasn’t ​joined ​the ​custom ​game 30 ​minutes ​after ​the agreed ​start ​time, a ​default ​win ​will ​be ​given ​to ​the ​team ​that ​has ​all of ​their ​players in ​the ​custom game.

2.2.3. The team who were present on time must have timestamped proof that they were in the lobby at the scheduled time in order to claim a default win. This can be a screenshot of the lobby with the Windows clock in the corner. This screenshot should be uploaded to the match page as a file, in association with a support ticket.

2.2.4. If ​neither ​team ​has ​created ​or ​joined ​a ​custom ​game ​within ​30 minutes, ​both ​teams ​will ​receive ​a ​loss. ​For ​calculating ​pairing, the ​higher seeded ​team ​will ​be ​considered ​the ​winner ​but ​the ​match will ​still ​count ​as ​a ​loss ​for ​calculating ​final ​standings.


2.3. Submitting ​results

2.3.1. After ​each ​game, ​both ​team ​Leaders ​should ​report ​results ​before joining ​lobby ​for ​next ​game.

2.3.2. Results ​should ​be ​submitted ​using ​the ​tournament website. ​If players ​have ​any ​issues ​in ​doing ​this, ​then ​a ​tournament ​admin ​should be ​contacted.

2.3.3. Records should be kept of individual map and overall scores, e.g. through screenshots, in case of a dispute of scores.

2.3.4. Individual map scores must be inputted into the tournament website, due to the system using overall wins and points as well as score difference to calculate leaderboards.


2.4. Casting of ​Games

2.4.1. Tournament ​admins ​and ​people ​that ​are ​explicitly permitted ​to ​spectate ​by ​British Esports Championships ​(e.g. ​shoutcasters or ​streamers) ​may ​ask ​to ​spectate. ​You cannot refuse to invite a tournament admin.

2.4.2 Champs matches can only be streamed if agreed by both teams. Those wishing to stream should reach out to the opposing staff leader and team ahead of the match to gain permission. If one of the teams in a fixture does not agree to be streamed, then the match must not be streamed.

2.4.3. Players ​must ​wait ​for ​casters ​to ​declare ​they ​are ​ready ​before starting.

2.4.4. Coaches, managers or anyone not explicitly permitted to spectate may spectate with permission from both teams. Overwatch and Valorant coach spectators must be locked to the side of their affiliation e.g. a coach for the blue team must be “locked to blue/attacking side”.

2.4.4. Stream delay of at least 180 seconds must be enabled in the streaming software to prevent cheating.


2.5. Tournament Format

2.5.1. Schools and colleges will play in the same tournament. They will no longer be split into two tournaments.

2.5.2. The format of the tournament will now be year-long, with Winter and Spring season. New teams will be able to join in Spring. The position of the team in the Winter leaderboards will determine which Division they are placed into in the Spring season. Spring divisions will consist of a group stage and playoffs.

2.5.3. Each division will have its own playoffs in Spring.  The playoffs will culminate in a finals for all divisions.


Spirit ​of ​the ​Game

3.1. Sportsmanship

3.1.1. Teams ​are ​expected ​to ​play ​at ​their ​best ​at ​all ​times ​within ​any ​British Esports Student Champs match, ​and ​to ​avoid ​any ​behavior ​inconsistent ​with ​the ​principles ​of good ​sportsmanship, ​honesty, ​or ​fair ​play.

3.1.2. The ​following ​actions ​will ​be ​considered ​unfair ​play ​and ​will ​be ​subject to ​penalties ​at ​the ​discretion ​of ​the ​admins. Hacking. ​Hacking ​is ​defined ​as ​any ​modification ​of ​the programme ​by ​any ​player, ​team ​or ​person ​acting ​on behalf ​of ​a ​player ​or ​a ​team. Ringing. ​Playing ​under ​another ​player’s ​account ​or ​soliciting, inducing, ​encouraging ​or ​directing ​someone ​else ​to ​play ​under another ​player’s ​account. Cheating ​Device. ​The ​use ​of ​any ​kind ​of ​cheating ​device ​and/or cheat ​programme. Intentional ​Disconnection. ​An ​intentional ​disconnection without ​a ​proper ​and ​explicitly-stated ​reason. British Esports Student Champs ​Discretion. ​Any ​other ​further ​act, ​failure ​to ​act, ​or behavior ​which, ​in ​the ​sole ​judgment ​of ​British Esports Student Champs ​officials, ​violates these ​Rules and/or ​the ​standards ​of ​integrity ​established ​by British Esports Student Champs ​for ​competitive ​game ​play.

3.1.3. The ​following ​actions ​will ​be ​considered ​poor ​sportsmanship ​play ​and will ​be ​subject ​to ​penalties ​at ​the ​discretion ​of ​the ​British Esports Student Champs. Flaming/toxicity. ​This ​shall ​be defined as ​any ​comments ​in ​all ​chat ​or game ​lobby ​that ​may ​be ​considered ​negative ​or ​hurtful. Use ​of discriminatory ​​language including, but not limited to, comments about a person’s gender, race, sexual orientation, age, hate speech or calls to harmful action. Intentional ​disconnects. ​This ​does ​not ​include ​restarting ​client in ​order ​to ​bug ​fix.


3.2. Penalties

3.2.1. Any ​person ​found ​to ​have ​engaged ​in ​or ​attempted ​to ​engage ​in ​any act ​that ​British Esports Student Champs ​believes, ​in ​its ​sole ​and ​absolute ​discretion, ​constitutes unfair ​play, ​will ​be ​subject ​to ​penalty. ​The ​nature ​and ​extent ​of ​the penalties ​imposed ​due ​to ​such ​acts ​shall ​be ​in ​the ​sole and ​absolute discretion ​of ​the ​British Esports Student Champs.

3.2.2. If ​any ​team ​or ​player ​is ​suspected ​of ​breaking ​any ​rules, ​admins should ​be ​informed by the Leader. At this ​point ​admins ​may ​ask ​for ​screenshots ​or other ​evidence ​of ​misconduct.

3.2.3. Upon ​discovery ​of ​any ​team ​member ​committing ​any ​violations ​of ​the rules ​listed ​above, ​the ​British Esports Student Champs ​may, ​without ​limitation ​issue ​the following ​penalties: Loss ​of ​choice of starting side Issue of ​a ​warning Forfeit ​of ​a ​match Temporary ​suspension ​of ​a ​player Permanent ​ban ​of ​a ​player Deduction ​of ​points ​or ​seeding ​for ​the ​current ​or ​next tournament Disqualification ​of ​team ​from ​a ​tournament Disqualification ​of ​team ​from ​the ​British Esports Student Champs


Spirit ​of ​the ​Rules

4.1. These ​Rules ​may ​be ​amended, ​modified ​or ​supplemented ​by ​the ​British Esports Student Champs, ​from time ​to ​time, ​in ​order ​to ​ensure ​fair ​play ​and ​the ​integrity ​of ​the ​British Esports Student Champs.

4.2. All ​decisions ​regarding ​the ​interpretation ​of ​these ​rules ​lie ​solely ​with ​the British Esports Student Champs, ​the ​decisions ​of ​which ​are ​final.



5.1. Institution.

A school or college as defined in sections 1.1 And 1.2.

5.2. Player

A student who plays esports in the British Esports Student Champs.

5.3. Admins

Also known as tournament admins, referees, umpires. Admins will create fixtures, calculate results, make sure that players adhere to the Rules and Code of Conduct, and hand out penalties.

5.4. Leader

A Leader is an adult member of staff that represents an Institution. A Leader is responsible for supervising online interactions between players, checking-in an Institutions teams, reporting match results to the tournament system. One Leader must be responsible for multiple teams.

5.5. Team

A team is a group of players. A team represents its Institution in the British Esports Student Champs.

5.6. Lobby

Lobbies are menu screens where players must set up the upcoming game session, change their settings, and talk to each other. In many games, players return to the lobby at the end of each session. In some, players joining a session that has already started are placed in the lobby until the start of the next. As lobbies consume very few resources they are sometimes additionally used as a “holding pen” for players while waiting for the next match. Opposing teams must be invited to the lobby for the match to proceed.

5.7. Disconnect

Also known as DC. Disconnect refers to an Internet shortage that removes a player from a game or a player intentionally leaving a game.

5.8. Casting

Commentating an esports match. Commentators are known as casters. This is short for shoutcasters, the original term used to refer to esports commentators which has been shortened over time.

5.9. Seeding

The process of preliminarily ranking teams in a tournament bracket to ensure the most fair outcome. Each team is a seed.