Overwatch Spring Division 3 Match 2889

Wales NPTC Crimson Ravens

Nickname Role
United Kingdom NPTCGroup Leader
Wales Turtle Player
Wales Plastic Straw Player
Wales Asclepius Player
Wales The Ginge Player
Wales Milky Player
Wales The Enforcer Player
Wales Corvus Player
Wales Dahlia Player
Best of 5
2 - 0
Blizzard World
2 - 1
2 - 1
Blizzard World
0 - 0
Blizzard World
0 - 0

This match isn't being streamed.

United Kingdom Wilmington_Academy2

Nickname Role
United Kingdom WilmingtonAcademy Leader
United Kingdom Aaron W (c) Player
United Kingdom Jake M Player
United Kingdom Dylan RM Player
United Kingdom Kyle E Player
United Kingdom Alex S (vc) Player
United Kingdom Joshua B Player
United Kingdom Albert M Player
Filename Size Player
No files have been uploaded for this match.