Rocket League Winter Qualifiers Match 873

Wales Llandrillo Dragons - Basalisks2

Nickname Role
United Kingdom Coleg Llandrillo Leader
Wales Alfi Player
Wales Mish Player
Wales Jack Player
Wales Fin Player
Best of 5

DFH Stadium
1 - 3
DFH Stadium
4 - 2
DFH Stadium
5 - 2
DFH Stadium
5 - 1
DFH Stadium
0 - 0

This match isn't being streamed.

United Kingdom Sandstorm RED [RL]

Nickname Role
United Kingdom Cheshire College South and West Leader
United Kingdom Liam Player
United Kingdom Kyle Player
United Kingdom George Player
United Kingdom LastCreature Player
United Kingdom Josh Player
Filename Size Player
No files have been uploaded for this match.