This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports.

For general ruleset on Wider Cups format, reschedules, and no shows, see rules here.

Player ​and ​Team ​Eligibility

1.1. Player ​eligibility

1.1.1. To ​be ​eligible ​to ​compete ​in ​the ​British Esports Student Champs, ​each player ​must ​have ​satisfied all of the following conditions: Be ​registered in full-time education ​at ​an Institution ​of Secondary or Further Education as defined in sections 1.1 and 1.2 within the General Rules. They ​must ​have ​a ​EU ​account on VALORANT. A ​Players ​account ​name ​should ​not ​be ​offensive ​and ​if ​the British Esports Student Champs ​considers ​this ​to ​be ​the ​case, ​that ​player ​will ​be ​required to ​change ​their ​name. A Player must be aged 16+ to compete. Refer to ‘Overall Rules’ for general eligibility also.

1.1.2. Ineligible ​Students

The ​following ​students ​are ​ineligible ​to ​participate: British Esports Student Champs tournament admins

1.2. Team ​eligibility

1.2.1. Each ​team ​must ​have ​a ​designated ​Leader that satisfies the following conditions: A registered staff member at the Institution that the team represents. In exceptional circumstances, a student with written permission from their school or college may be designated leader, subject to British Esports approval. Must act as representative and point of contact for British Esports. Must supervise all online interaction between Players at that Institution. This can include before and after games as well as during. The leader cannot participate, only supervise.

1.2.2. A ​team ​must consist ​of ​between ​5 ​and no more than ​7 ​players that must be ​from ​the ​same Institution.  A team must meet the requirement of 60% female or marginalised gender participation, meaning that a minimum of three players on the roster must identify as female or a marginalised gender.

1.2.3. A ​team ​may ​request ​a ​name ​change ​at ​any ​point ​during ​a ​season. ​To change ​a ​team’s ​name ​an ​admin ​must ​be ​contacted ​with ​desired change.

1.2.4. A ​Teams ​name ​must ​not ​be ​explicitly ​offensive ​and ​if ​the ​British Esports Student Champs considers ​this ​to ​be ​the ​case, ​that ​team ​will ​be ​required ​to ​change their ​name.

Match ​Rules

2.1. Match ​Setup ​and Agent ​Select

2.1.1. All ​matches ​are ​to ​be ​played ​on ​the London ​server.

2.1.2. Players ​must ​use ​the VALORANT ​account ​associated ​to ​their ​British Esports Student Champs account. ​If ​this account ​information ​is ​not ​up ​to ​date ​it ​will ​lead ​to ​a ​loss ​of ​ban ​in ​the first ​incident ​with ​increasing ​penalty ​for ​repeat ​offence.

2.1.3. The school/college shown on the left of the match page is the “home team” and should host the lobby. The team on the left of the match page is Team A, and the team on the right of the match page is Team B.

2.1.4. The ​lobby ​should ​be ​set ​up ​as ​follows:

Mode: Standard


Mode: Standard 

Server: London

Allow Cheats: Off

Tournament Mode: On

Overtime Win By Two: On 

Play Out All Rounds: Off The ​maps should be chosen from the current map pool:







Sunset BO1 Map Selection Process

  • Home team (team on left) bans a map from the map pool.

  • Away team (team on the right) bans a map from the map pool.

  • Home team (team on left) bans a map from the map pool.

  • Away team (team on the right) picks one of the remaining maps.

  • Home team (team on left) picks a side (Attackers/Defenders) to start on. BO3 Map Selection Process
Team A = Home
Team B = Away

  • Team A bans one Map

  • Team B bans one Map

  • Team A picks Map 1

  • Team B picks the side for Map 1

  • Team B picks Map 2

  • Team A picks the side for Map 2

  • Team A bans one Map

  • Team B bans one Map

  • Map 3 is the only Map remaining

  • Team A picks the side for Map 3

The choice of side will go to the team that did not choose the map in which they will play on.

2.1.5. Team ​size must ​be ​5. Max 7 with subs.

2.1.6. If a Team has a coach, then that coach may be present for every Match in which the Team participates. Coaches are only allowed to communicate with players during the Agent and Map selection process for each Match, technical and tactical timeouts, half-times and in between Maps (if applicable).

2.1.7. Once ​both ​teams ​have ​joined ​the ​lobby ​and ​stated ​they ​are ​ready, ​they may start the pick/ban phase.

2.1.8. New agents ​may ​not ​be ​used ​until ​they ​have ​been ​available in Ranked ​for ​at least ​one ​week.

2.1.9. Agents ​which ​have ​been majorly ​reworked ​may ​not ​be ​used ​until ​a ​week has ​passed ​since ​patch ​date.

2.1.10. All skins and cosmetics are allowed to be used.

2.2. Tactical Timeouts

2.2.1. Tactical timeouts are pauses which allow players and coaches to strategize. For any issues, the standard “Pause Match Timer” should be used.

2.2.2. Each team can call a tactical timeout a maximum of once per half (twice per map in total). Each timeout lasts 60 seconds and will freeze all player movements.

2.2.3. Use of a tactical timeout does not count towards the maximum of 15 minutes that teams are allowed for technical pauses.

2.3. Casting ​of ​Games

2.3.1 Champs matches can only be streamed if agreed by both teams. Those wishing to stream should reach out to the opposing staff leader and team ahead of the match to gain permission. If one of the teams in a fixture does not agree to be streamed, then the match must not be streamed.

2.3.2. Tournament ​admins ​and ​people ​that ​are ​explicitly permitted ​to ​spectate ​by ​British Esports Student Champs ​(e.g. ​shoutcasters or ​streamers) ​may ​ask ​to ​spectate. ​You cannot refuse to invite a tournament admin.

2.3.3. Players ​must ​wait ​for ​casters ​to ​declare ​they ​are ​ready ​before starting.

2.3.4. Coaches, managers or anyone not explicitly permitted to spectate may spectate with permission from both teams.

2.3.5. These spectators must be locked to the side of their affiliation e.g. a coach for the attackers team must be “locked to the attacking side”.

2.3.6. Stream delay of at least 180 seconds must be enabled in the streaming software to prevent cheating.


3.1. Any ​person ​found ​to ​have ​engaged ​in ​or ​attempted ​to ​engage ​in ​any act ​that ​British Esports Student Champs ​believes, ​in ​its ​sole ​and ​absolute ​discretion, ​constitutes unfair ​play, ​will ​be ​subject ​to ​penalty. ​The ​nature ​and ​extent ​of ​the penalties ​imposed ​due ​to ​such ​acts ​shall ​be ​in ​the ​sole and ​absolute discretion ​of ​the ​British Esports Student Champs.

3.2. If ​any ​team ​or ​player ​is ​suspected ​of ​breaking ​any ​rules, ​admins should ​be ​informed by the Leader. At this ​point ​they ​may ​ask ​for ​screenshots ​or other ​evidence ​of ​misconduct.

3.3. Upon ​discovery ​of ​any ​team ​member ​committing ​any ​violations ​of ​the rules ​listed ​above, ​the ​British Esports Student Champs ​may, ​without ​limitation ​issue ​the following ​penalties:

3.3.1. Loss ​of ​a ​ban. In this instance, the offending team must select “None” in place of their first ban.

3.3.2. Issue of ​a ​warning on the record of that team.

3.3.3. Forfeit ​of ​a ​match.

3.3.4. Temporary ​suspension ​of ​a ​player. If this results in <5 players on the team, the team will become ineligible (according to 1.2.2) unless a substitute is brought in.

3.3.5. Permanent ​ban ​of ​a ​player.

3.3.6. Deduction ​of ​points ​or ​seeding ​for ​the ​current ​or ​next tournament. Penalties are carried over with the majority of the offending team for the full academic year.

3.3.7. Disqualification ​of ​team ​from ​a ​tournament

3.3.8. Disqualification ​of ​team ​from ​the ​British Esports Student Champs

Spirit ​of ​the ​rules

4.1. These ​rules ​may ​be ​amended, ​modified ​or ​supplemented ​by ​the ​British Esports Student Champs, ​from time ​to ​time, ​in ​order ​to ​ensure ​fair ​play ​and ​integrity ​of ​the ​British Esports Student Champs.

4.2. All ​decisions ​regarding ​the ​interpretation ​of ​these ​rules ​lie ​solely ​with ​the British Esports Student Champs, ​the ​decisions ​of ​which ​are ​final.

This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports.