Overwatch Winter Qualifiers

The Student Champs are open to all secondary schools, Further Education (FE) Colleges and Alternative Provision (AP) schools in the UK and are PC-based. Students must be aged 12+ to participate.

Overwatch (PEGI 12+) is a vibrant first-person shooter. Teams of 6 pick a variety of unique heroes to achieve different map objectives, such as escort the payload and control the point. 

Rulesets here: General Rules & Overwatch specific rules.


Each student will need a valid BattleTag for their in-game name on their roster. Please include the full tag in the roster, e.g. BEA#0000.

Team Size 6 (+ 2 optional subs)

Best of 5 (first to win 3 maps wins)

In the event of a tiebreaker, a fifth “Control” map will be played.

Game Mode Competitive
Map Pool
  • Control: Lijiang Tower / Ilios
  • Hybrid: King’s Row / Eichenwalde
  • Escort: Havana / Rialto
  • Assault: Temple of Anubis / Hanamura
  • Control: Lijiang Tower / Ilios (whichever wasn’t picked first)
Format Large scale group stage
Prizes for grand winners (at Champs grand finals) British Esports Champs Jersey, certificates, trophy, along with professional money-can’t-buy coaching.



For Champs 2021-22, the tournaments will now be a year-long split into two distinct seasons:

Winter Qualifiers Spring Divisions
Winter Qualifiers will consist of a large group stage where teams will face a variety of opponents and aim to get as many points as possible throughout the season. For Spring Divisions, the teams will then be split into divisions depending on their final position in the leaderboard from the Winter Qualifiers.
The Champs year will culiminate in the top teams heading to the live grand finals.