CyC Crusaders - Platinum

Wales Wales

Disclaimer: This team may have mature students (over the age of 19) participating.

Team Bio:

The Cymoedd Crusaders, hailing from the picturesque South Wales region and representing Coleg y Cymoedd, are a rising force in the competitive esports scene. With a focus on Overwatch 2, this talented group of college students has come together to make their mark on the 23/24 British Esport Champs season.

Known for their unwavering dedication, precision teamwork, and a fierce determination to conquer the virtual battlefield, the Cymoedd Crusaders have quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Under the banner of their college, they showcase a unique blend of strategic intelligence, precision aim, and exceptional game knowledge that sets them apart from the rest.

These gamers aren't just competitors; they are a close-knit family, bound by their shared passion for esports. They train tirelessly, refining their skills and strategies to compete at the highest level in Overwatch 2. Their journey through the British Esport Champs is more than just a pursuit of victory; it's an opportunity to represent their college and the South Wales community with pride.

As the 23/24 British Esport Champs season unfolds, keep an eye on the Cymoedd Crusaders, as they strive to make history and take their place among the top esports teams in the United Kingdom.

Follow their journey, and you'll witness the embodiment of skill, determination, and sportsmanship that the Cymoedd Crusaders bring to the world of collegiate esports. South Wales is rising, and the Cymoedd Crusaders are leading the charge!


ID Time Team 1 Team 2 Round
12311 16:00
11 Oct 23
Hullraisers OW2-B United Kingdom 0 3 Wales CyC Crusaders -... Round 1
Best of 5
12331 16:00
18 Oct 23
CyC Crusaders -... Wales 3 0 United Kingdom Wyke-OW-A Round 2
Best of 5
12374 16:00
8 Nov 23
CyC Crusaders -... Wales 3 0 United Kingdom Dragon Blades Round 3
Best of 5
12418 16:00
15 Nov 23
CyC Crusaders -... Wales 3 0 United Kingdom SSC SERPENTS OW A Round 4
Best of 5
12461 16:00
22 Nov 23
CyC Crusaders -... Wales 0 3 Wales GCS Owls OW 2 Round 5
Best of 5
12509 16:00
29 Nov 23
Franklin Raiders - A United Kingdom 3 0 Wales CyC Crusaders -... Round 6
Best of 5
12551 16:00
6 Dec 23
CyC Crusaders -... Wales 3 0 Wales CyC Crusaders - Red Round 7
Best of 5