Scottish College Cup

An annual competition for Scottish Colleges to compete amongst one another to determine the best college in Scotland for esports. The College Cup is in partnership with the College Development Network to help colleges create social media content and promote each college’s esports brand on campus. The aim is to increase awareness throughout the Scottish College network of esports and the opportunities to engage students through competitive and academic esports.


The competition will require each college to be registered for competing in the British Esports Student Champs Spring Split.

Fees for registering to the Student Champs will be:

  • College Registration: £25 + VAT
  • Tournament Tickets: £5 + VAT (per team)

Colleges that have registered and are competing in the Scottish College Cup will be required to purchase/use a Tournament Ticket to register their team.

Each college will only submit 1 team, a team consisting of 3-5 players (space for 2 subs if needed) to the Rocket League competition where they will compete against one another to be crowned the Scottish College Cup Champions.

The Scottish College Cup will consist of a Group Stage that will last from 22nd November to 3rd December, followed by an Elimination (Playoffs) Stage that will last from 4th December to 5th December.

Colleges who are not participating in the British Esports Student Champs will be required to register to the Spring Split of the British Esports Student Champs to be eligible for the competition.

Colleges that are participating in the Scottish College Cup, will be asked to confirm their team of 5 players (3 players and 2 substitutes) including the registration of their Steam ID or Rocket League ID before registration closes on Thursday 18th November.

Key Info

Team Size Three (maximum of two substitutes)
  • Group Stage: Best of Five (first to win 3 maps wins)
  • Playoff Stage: Best of Seven (first to win 5 maps wins)
Game Mode Competitive
Map DFH Stadium / Champions Field (Final)
Prize for winner Scottish College Cup Trophy

Each student will need a valid Steam ID / Epic Account ID for their in-game name on their roster.

View the full ruleset here and general rules.


View the schedule here.


Colleges will need to declare if they have students under 18 years of age on registration to the competition. This declaration should be emailed to us at .

All members of staff associated and including stream talent will be DBS checked. Lecturers will be required to attend all of their team’s games as they will be responsible for the safety of their students to ensure appropriate safeguarding.

The presence of lecturers is vital for the handling of harmful interactions and can be handled swiftly and appropriately between British Esports staff and college faculty.