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For general ruleset on Wider Cups format, reschedules, and no shows, see rules here.

Player ​and ​Team ​Eligibility

1.1. Team eligibility

1.1.1. Each team must have a designated Leader that satisfies the following conditions: A registered staff member at the Institution that the team represents. Able to act as representative and point of contact for BE Able to supervise all online interaction between Players at that Institution, even if remotely. This can include before and after matches, as well as during.

1.1.2. A team must consist of 1 player and must be from the named Institution.

1.1.3 A player must be aged 12+.

Match ​Rules

2.1 Match Setup

2.1.1. All ​matches ​must ​be ​played ​on ​the ​European ​server.

2.1.2. Matches should be played each Thursday, unless both parties agree to an alternate time/date that week. If both agree, speak to an admin with proof of agreement and the new time/date.

2.1.3 Must use a controller, unless exceptional circumstances prove otherwise. Fight/Arcade sticks are allowed, as classified as a type of controller. Controller Capabilities beyond the norm are not allowed, e.g. macros, compound inputs, turbos. You may have 11 input actions as attacking moves, though you may NOT have the same one on multiple buttons. This goes along with movement inputs being 4 and may not be doubled up. Control Type: Modern or Classic

2.1.4 Players can access Street Fighter from any platform it is cross-platform compatible with, including PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


The ​lobby ​must ​be ​set ​up ​as ​follows:

Server: Europe

  • 2/3 Rounds per Game

  • 2/3 Games per Set

  • 3/5 Games per Set for Finals

  • 99 Second Rounds

  • Random Stage/Arena select, players may opt to agree to a specific stage/arena Once both teams have joined the lobby and stated they are ready, the lobby leader must click Start. Winner of the prior game must keep the same character, and the loser of the prior game may switch character.

2.1.6 No cosmetics or skins are permitted.

2.1.7 No characters, or arenas, are prohibited.

2.2. Pauses and Rematches

2.2.1. If a player fails to connect to the game the game should be paused immediately. If this player fails to connect the game may be restarted. The new game must follow rules for a rematch found in section 2.2.3.

2.2.2. Teams may use the pause command as follows: It is forbidden to use the pause without an obvious reason like a player disconnect. In the case a player disconnects or is having connectivity issues, it is allowed to use the pause. In the case of hardware or software issues it is allowed to use the pause. In the event of a pause, the other team should be informed immediately why the pause has occurred and should be informed of any progress towards fixing the issue causing pause. Before resuming games both teams should state they are ready to continue. Teams may only pause the game for up to 10 minutes. If after 10 minutes technical issues cannot be solved the game should not be resumed. If the game cannot be resumed then Admins should be contacted and an automatic win will be awarded to the opposing team.

2.2.3. Players can agree to a rematch, if they think it’s needed to play a fair and balanced match or to solve technical problems. A rematch has to be played with the same team.

2.3. No show

2.3.1. Teams are expected to arrive promptly to all games at the mutually agreed start time over a Thursday.

2.3.2. If a team hasn’t joined the lobby 20 minutes after the stated start time, the team that did show should report a win on the tournament website and submit a support ticket.

2.3.3. If neither team has created or joined a custom game within 20 minutes, both teams will receive a loss. For calculating pairing, the higher team will be considered the winner but the game will still count as a loss for calculating final standings.

2.4. Submitting results

2.4.1. After each game, both team Leaders should report results asap, latest by Friday each week. Good practice is to take screenshots of the final scoreboard in case of dispute.

2.4.2. Results should be submitted using the tournament site. You must be logged in to submit a result. If team leaders have any issues in doing this, then please email us at

2.5 Casting ​of ​Games

2.5.1 Champs matches can only be streamed if agreed by both teams. Those wishing to stream should reach out to the opposing staff leader and team ahead of the match to gain permission. If one of the teams in a fixture does not agree to be streamed, then the match must not be streamed.

2.5.2. Tournament ​admins ​and ​people ​that ​are ​explicitly permitted ​to ​spectate ​by ​British Esports Student Champs ​(e.g. ​shoutcasters or ​streamers) ​may ​ask ​to ​spectate. ​You cannot refuse to invite a tournament admin.

2.5.3. Players ​must ​wait ​for ​casters ​to ​declare ​they ​are ​ready ​before starting.

2.5.4. Coaches, managers or anyone not explicitly permitted to spectate may spectate with permission from both teams.

2.5.5. Spectators wishing to cast and stream may request permission from both teams to not be ‘locked’ to the side of their affiliation.

2.5.6. Stream delay of at least 180 seconds must be enabled in the streaming software to prevent cheating.


3.1. Any ​person ​found ​to ​have ​engaged ​in ​or ​attempted ​to ​engage ​in ​any act ​that ​British Esports Student Champs ​believes, ​in ​its ​sole ​and ​absolute ​discretion, ​constitutes unfair ​play, ​will ​be ​subject ​to ​penalty. ​The ​nature ​and ​extent ​of ​the penalties ​imposed ​due ​to ​such ​acts ​shall ​be ​in ​the ​sole and ​absolute discretion ​of ​the ​British Esports Student Champs.

3.2. If ​any ​team ​or ​player ​is ​suspected ​of ​breaking ​any ​rules, ​admins should ​be ​informed by the Leader. At this ​point ​admins ​may ​ask ​for ​screenshots ​or other ​evidence ​of ​misconduct.

3.3. Upon ​discovery ​of ​any ​team ​member ​committing ​any ​violations ​of ​the rules ​listed ​above, ​the ​British Esports Student Champs ​may, ​without ​limitation ​issue ​the following ​penalties to a team:

3.3.1. Loss ​of ​a ​map pick. In this instance, the opponent is given the map choice.

3.3.2. Issue of ​a ​warning on the team’s permanent record.

3.3.3. Forfeit ​of ​a ​match.

3.3.4. Permanent ​ban ​of ​a ​player.

3.3.5. Deduction ​of ​points ​or ​seeding ​for ​the ​current ​or ​next tournament. Penalties are carried over with the majority of the offending team for the full academic year.

3.3.6. Disqualification ​of ​team ​from ​a ​tournament.

3.3.7. Disqualification ​of ​team ​from ​the ​British Esports Student Champs.

Spirit ​of ​the ​Rules

4.1. These ​Rules ​may ​be ​amended, ​modified ​or ​supplemented ​by ​the ​British Esports Student Champs, ​from time ​to ​time, ​in ​order ​to ​ensure ​fair ​play ​and ​the ​integrity ​of ​the ​British Esports Student Champs.

4.2. All ​decisions ​regarding ​the ​interpretation ​of ​these ​rules ​lie ​solely ​with ​the British Esports Student Champs, ​the ​decisions ​of ​which ​are ​final.