CyC Crusaders - Hadoken

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Team Bio:

Lemufty is a name synonymous with raw talent and fighting game finesse. Hailing from Caerphilly, this solo player is looking to take the world of Street Fighter 6 by storm or at least the BEF champs. With an innate understanding of the game's mechanics, unparalleled reflexes, and a deep knowledge of the roster, they've become a formidable force in the competitive scene.

Lemuftys journey is a testament to the power of dedication and practice. They've honed their skills through countless hours of training, mastering combos, mind games, and reading opponents with precision. Their competitive spirit burns brightly as they strive for victory in every match.

As the Street Fighter 6 tournament continue to unfold, eyes are on this singular talent, eager to witness their exceptional gameplay and the thrilling moments they bring to competitive fighting games. 


Nickname Tag Role PlayerID
United Kingdom ColegyCymoedd Leader -
Wales Player 1 Player Entered