Player ​and ​Team ​Eligibility

1.1. Player ​eligibility

1.1.1. To ​be ​eligible ​to ​compete ​in ​the ​British Esports Student Champs, ​each player ​must ​have ​satisfied all of the following conditions: Be ​registered in full-time education ​at ​an Institution ​of ​Secondary or Further Education as defined in sections 1.1 and 1.2 within the General Rules. They ​must ​have ​an EU Rocket League account. A ​player’s ​account ​name must ​not ​be ​offensive ​and ​if ​the British Esports ​considers ​this ​to ​be ​the ​case, ​that ​player ​will ​be ​required to ​change ​their ​name. A player must be aged 12+. Refer to ‘Overall Rules’ for general eligibility also.

1.1.2. Ineligible ​Students

The ​following ​students ​are ​ineligible ​to ​participate: British Esports Student Champs tournament admins

1.2. Team ​eligibility

1.2.1. Each ​team ​must ​have ​a ​designated ​Leader that satisfies the following conditions: A registered staff member at the Institution that the team represents. In exceptional circumstances, a student with written permission from their school or college may be designated leader, subject to British Esports approval. Able to act as representative and point of contact for British Esports. Able to supervise all online interaction between Players at that Institution. This can include before and after matches as well as during.

1.2.2. A ​team ​must ​consist ​of ​between ​3 and no more than 5 ​players and must be ​from ​the ​same Institution.

1.2.3. A ​player ​must ​be ​only ​on ​one ​team ​at ​once, ​however ​players ​may change ​teams ​throughout ​the ​season. Players must only play for one team per week, although they can change teams throughout the season. Each substitute player can be used on multiple team rosters at the same time. Even if they are on multiple rosters at once, rule still applies to subs. Each team can have max 2 subs on the roster at once. This can be updated throughout the season if necessary.

1.2.4. If ​a ​team ​splits ​up, ​the ​majority ​of ​the ​team ​has ​right ​to ​ownership ​of the ​team ​and ​any ​seedings/qualification ​spots ​it ​has ​earnt.

1.2.5. A ​team ​may ​request ​a ​name ​change ​at ​any ​point ​during ​a ​season. ​To change ​a ​team’s ​name ​an ​admin ​must ​be ​contacted ​with ​desired change.

1.2.6. A ​Teams ​name ​must ​not ​be ​explicitly ​offensive ​and ​if ​the ​British Esports considers ​this ​to ​be ​the ​case ​that ​team ​will ​be ​required ​to ​change their ​name.

Match ​Rules

2.1. Match ​Setup

2.1.1. All ​matches ​must ​be ​played ​on ​the ​European ​server.

2.1.2. Players ​must ​use ​the Steam/Epic Games Rocket League ​account ​associated ​to ​their ​British Esports Student Champs profile. ​If ​this account ​information ​is ​not ​up ​to ​date ​it ​will ​lead ​to ​increasing ​penalties ​for ​repeat ​offense. Any input device (e.g. mouse and keyboard, or controller) is allowed. Players can access Rocket League from any platform it is cross-platform compatible with, including PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

2.1.3. “DFH Stadium” must be used as the map for every round. 

2.1.4. The “home” team must create the lobby and share the name/password of the lobby with opponents via Discord. The “home” team is the team shown on the left-hand side on the fixture list/the upper box in the bracket.

The ​lobby ​must ​be ​set ​up ​as ​follows:

Server: Europe

Game Mode: Private match

Size: 3 on 3

Format: Best of 5

Match Time: 5 Minutes All decals and cosmetics may be used.

2.1.5. Once all players have joined the lobby and stated they are ready, the players may join teams as indicated. If the game starts without all 6 players, the lobby must be remade.

2.2. Casting ​of ​Games

2.2.1 Champs matches can only be streamed if agreed by both teams. Those wishing to stream should reach out to the opposing staff leader and team ahead of the match to gain permission. If one of the teams in a fixture does not agree to be streamed, then the match must not be streamed.

2.2.2. Tournament ​admins ​and ​people ​that ​are ​explicitly permitted ​to ​spectate ​by ​British Esports Student Champs ​(e.g. ​shoutcasters or ​streamers) ​may ​ask ​to ​spectate. ​You cannot refuse to invite a tournament admin.

2.2.3. Players ​must ​wait ​for ​casters ​to ​declare ​they ​are ​ready ​before starting.

2.2.4. Coaches, managers or anyone not explicitly permitted to spectate may spectate with permission from both teams.

2.2.5. Stream delay of at least 180 seconds must be enabled in the streaming software to prevent cheating.


3.1. Any ​person ​found ​to ​have ​engaged ​in ​or ​attempted ​to ​engage ​in ​any act ​that ​British Esports Student Champs ​believes, ​in ​its ​sole ​and ​absolute ​discretion, ​constitutes unfair ​play, ​will ​be ​subject ​to ​penalty. ​The ​nature ​and ​extent ​of ​the penalties ​imposed ​due ​to ​such ​acts ​shall ​be ​in ​the ​sole and ​absolute discretion ​of ​the ​British Esports Student Champs.

3.2. If ​any ​team ​or ​player ​is ​suspected ​of ​breaking ​any ​rules, ​admins should ​be ​informed by the Leader. At this ​point ​admins ​may ​ask ​for ​screenshots ​or other ​evidence ​of ​misconduct.

3.3. Upon ​discovery ​of ​any ​team ​member ​committing ​any ​violations ​of ​the rules ​listed ​above, ​the ​British Esports Student Champs ​may, ​without ​limitation ​issue ​the following ​penalties:

3.3.1. Issue of ​a ​warning on the record of that team.

3.3.2. Forfeit ​of ​a ​match.

3.3.3. Temporary ​suspension ​of ​a ​player. If this results in <3 players on the team, the team will become ineligible (according to 1.2.2) unless a substitute is brought in.

3.3.4. Permanent ​ban ​of ​a ​player.

3.3.5. Deduction ​of ​points ​or ​seeding ​for ​the ​current ​or ​next tournament. Penalties are carried over with the majority of the offending team for the full academic year.

3.3.6. Disqualification ​of ​team ​from ​a ​tournament.

3.3.7. Disqualification ​of ​team ​from ​the ​British Esports Student Champs.

Spirit ​of ​the ​Rules

4.1. These ​Rules ​may ​be ​amended, ​modified ​or ​supplemented ​by ​the ​British Esports Student Champs, ​from time ​to ​time, ​in ​order ​to ​ensure ​fair ​play ​and ​the ​integrity ​of ​the ​British Esports Student Champs.

4.2. All ​decisions ​regarding ​the ​interpretation ​of ​these ​rules ​lie ​solely ​with ​the British Esports Student Champs, ​the ​decisions ​of ​which ​are ​final.